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WebWalker is an XML scripted engine to "drive" HTTPUnit web testing. Write XML documents to test urls, clicking links, submitting forms & limited page verification.

This project provides a lightweight engine for website load testing and webpage verification. Rather than having to code specific tests for every page & scenario using HTTPUnit (httpunit.sourceforge.net), WebWalker provides a XML format to structure test scripts to "walk" through a website simulating opening a URL, clicking links, submitting forms and verifying a page has loaded correctly (limited verification ability). The point of this tool is to enable HTTPUnit to be used by people who are not developers. Anyone who can write a XML document and view HTML can use this tool.


I wrote this tool with motivation from the days when I used to have to test some websites by manually clicking page after page and filling in the same forms over and over. Mindless work that could easily be automated. I stumbled across HTTPUnit, but this still seemed like a lot of overhead and if websites changed, code would have to be edited and recompiled. It also required a knowledge of Java programming and I wanted to have something that even non-programmers could use to create quick, repeatable automated webtests. An "engine" which interfaced to HTTPUnit could be used to abstract the code from the instructions.

WebWalker can also be used in a very minor way to load test a Web Server/App Server by very fast http responses & requests without any "think times". Currently WebWalker is single threaded so multiple user loading is not possible, but I do hope to add that capability in the near future.


WebWalker is developed on the Win32 platform, but since it is developed in Java, there is no reason you should not be able to run it on any OS that supports Java. Some tinkering with the files & configuration will be required, but there should not be any restrictions from this. If you run into any problems, please submit a bug report.

WebWalker was developed using JDK1.4, but should work fine with JDK1.3. WebWalker uses Ant for a build system. You should have this installed on your system.

WebWalker uses a few additional 3rd party libraries but does not package them with the code. I'm not redistributing these libraries for licensing & filesize reasons. You will have to download the following project jar files and place them in the lib directory. I've listed the versions I've been using, but more recent versions should work as well unless there are drastic code changes.

Getting Started

After downloading the files package, and unzipping it to a suitable location, you should start by doing the following:

After this, you should be able look at the same TestSuite & TestScripts to figure out how to put together your own XML tests. 

For reference, WebWalker can also be run directly from the command line in either of the following methods:


If you run into troubles, please post to the forums & bug tracking system at http://sourceforge.net/projects/webwalker.
And please also list any features or enhancements at the Features Request system there as well. I'll see what I can do about getting them added in.

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Good luck, Blaine.

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